Periodontal Regeneration

When teeth lose bone due to periodontal disease, i.e., bacterial-induced inflammation, it may be possible to actually grow some of that lost bone back.  Called periodontal regeneration, it is an ideal way to help perserve teeth because not only does it remove the cause of the bone loss, the bacteria, it strengthens the tooth by replacing its bone support. 
This surgical procedure very thoroughly cleans the root of the tooth, removing any trace of bacteria.  Then, various materials, possibly including bone graft material, membranes, and growth factors, can be utilized to encourage your bone to grow back. Please see some examples below.
This procedure is very dependent on how the bone loss happened and cannot be used in many cases. In addition, it takes one year to know how well the bone healed and occasionally a second adjustment procedure is required to refine the area.
In order to know if areas of bone loss are candidates for this type of procedure, one of our periodontists will need to do an examination.
Bone defect on #18 Initial
One Year after Regeneration Procedure
Bone Defect on #31 initial
One Year after Regeneration Procedure
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